This is the Matt Nolan Custom online store for things that I make that are not cymbals, gongs or triangles. There will be items up for sale to buy here from time to time. Use the contact button on the bottom left if you like to make an enquiry about these things if you don't see any here on the page at present. The sort of things you can expect to see here in future are:

  • Percussion crashers
  • Tuned percussion instruments
  • Bell plates
  • Tubular bells / chimes
  • Metal shakers
  • Tambourine jingle sets
  • Lujon

I have had a lot of enquiries for Trines recently - for the Les Miserables and Wicked musical theatre productions. I can make these on a short lead time. Send me an email if you'd like one. The Trine percussion instrument is the invention of Plugs Percussion - sadly no longer trading. Use the contact button on the bottom left if you'd like to get a trine.

Here's a preliminary video of my Tuned Bronze Orchestral Bell Plates from PASIC 2013. Higher and lower pitches are available. I'll try to get a better quality video up soon. I have made Bronze Bell Plates for pieces such as Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz and some of the Benjamin Britten works. I have also made Aluminium Bell Plates for folks including the new "Jesus Christ Superstar" touring production.