This is the Matt Nolan Custom online store for things that I make that are not cymbals, gongs or triangles. Please scroll down to see some examples. There will be items up for sale to buy here from time to time. Use the contact button on the bottom left if you would like to make an enquiry about these things or others. I make instruments including the following:

  • Percussion crashers
  • Tuned percussion instruments
  • Bell plates (bronze and aluminium)
  • Tubular bells / chimes (brass and aluminium)
  • Metal shakers
  • Triangle beaters
  • Lujons
  • Trines
  • Various other metal sound effects

I have had a lot of enquiries for Trines recently - for the Les Miserables and Wicked musical theatre productions. I can make these on a short lead time. Use the button below if you'd like to order one. The Trine percussion instrument is the invention of Plugs Percussion - sadly no longer trading.

Order a trine:

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Here's a preliminary video of my Tuned Bronze Orchestral Bell Plates from PASIC 2013. Then some larger, lower pitched plates in Bronze and Aluminium and some higher ones in Aluminium. I have made Bronze Bell Plates for pieces such as Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz and some of the Benjamin Britten works. I have also made Aluminium Bell Plates for folks including the new "Jesus Christ Superstar" touring production.

Below is a combination of lighter Bronze Bell Plates with Aluminium bass metallophone slabs - an idea for the Grail Bells motif from Wagner's Parsifal

Some custom oversize bass tubular bells / bass chimes for Tosca for the Royal Opera House in London

Another of the 3 inch diameter bass chimes - this one with the Bath Philharmonia for Great Gate of Kiev in Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky

Here is a quick demonstration of a custom Lujon set I made in early 2017