Welcome to the Matt Nolan Custom Web Store. Here you can buy cymbals online directly from me. Scroll down below to see cymbals for sale now. Use the navigation bar on the right to browse some other example of hand made instruments that I have made in the past. I create original cymbals, recreations of other cymbals and can also modify existing cymbals. This includes hi-hats, crashes and ride cymbals in a variety of sizes. If you have an idea for a commission, please send me an email to start a conversation. Check out my facebook page for more examples of my work

18 inch and 20 inch B20 Bronze "Anakronistik" Flat Rides with aged patina

History reimagined. What if the Old K Factory had invented Flat Rides instead of Paiste?

20 inch Anakronistik Flat Ride

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18 inch Anakronistik Flat Ride

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Light 20 inch and 20 inch B20 Bronze hand hammered ride cymbals

20 inch half turk ride cymbal

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20 inch 1635g paper thin ride cymbal

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12 inch hi-hats, B20, 551g fully lathed over 570g half-lathed

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14 inch hi-hats, fully lathed B20, patina top cymbal, natural finish bottom cymbal, 726g over 933g

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14 inch hi-hats, fully lathed, hand hammered, B20 bronze, natural finish, 886g over 980g

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22 inch heavy B15 alloy ride cymbal for Rock, Electric Blues, Big Band

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Please email me to enquire about ordering Shimmer Series Cymbals - thanks




12 inch hybrid hi-hats
14 inch pinstripe series hi-hats
20 inch B15 alloy flat ride cymbal
22 inch shimmer series ride cymbal
21 inch custom ride cymbal
16 inch crash cymbal
18 inch shimmer series crash cymbal
18 inch claret series crash cymbal